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STEM in the Quokkas!

The Quokkas completed their first STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) challenge, ‘Which shape is the strongest?' The challenge involved making a cylinder (circle), a triangular prism (triangle) and a square prism (square) out of paper and measuring how many books each shape could hold. They split into groups of their choosing and had to discuss, think, discuss, build, discuss, think, re-build, think, discuss, build AGAIN and then celebrate! What started as a simple experiment, turned into 3 experiments as we searched for a definite result.

Toby explains our STEM challenge and shares his thoughts:

When our class did our first STEM lesson, we were trying to find out which shape was the strongest. The shapes we were testing were the triangle, the square and the circle. The first time we didn't get a definite answer so we tried to get the shapes equal but we couldn't. We also found out that the books did not have the same number of pages. So then we just used ‘rhyme time' books and we got it right.

It was hard to build them. It was hard to choose a shape that would be the strongest. It was hard not to knock it over. I enjoyed putting the books on and building them. I loved it!

Grace shares her view on our STEM challenge:

In our first STEM lesson, we made shapes with our group. We made a triangle and a square and then we made a cylinder. Then we did the experiment that we saw what shape held the most but that didn't work. On the second time, we tried it again but we didn't get the results so we did not know what shape holds the most. On the third go, we did it again but we only did it with ‘rhyme time' books. But then we knew which shape won, it was the cylinder.

Making the shapes was the hardest because we had to fold the paper all different ways, so it was hard. I enjoyed seeing what shape could hold the most. It was fun for me.


Stay tuned for more STEM adventures with the Quokkas!


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