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Jorja, Emerald, Stella, Rachel, Ruby, Amelia, Min, Ashlianne and Phoebe - thank you girls!


Don't forget to come and see the fun activities happening in the library - we have chess, Lego, computers and more!


Russ the Story Bus

Stage 3 students were very fortunate to have a visit from Russ the Story Bus on Monday 16th October.  As part of the Sydney Writers' Festival, the students took part in a workshop led by children's book illustrator and author Cheryl Orsini.  The students created some very interesting characters and Mrs Caceres and Mrs McPherson enjoyed evolving into new personas as the students used fancy dress clothes to transform them.  The students were able to engage in both paper and audio books, as they relaxed on beanbags under our beautiful trees.  Every child got to choose a free book to take home from a large selection of the latest acclaimed releases.  The visit to Bundanoon School was the beginning of the tour around the state for Russ the Story Bus.

"Russ the Story Bus is no ordinary bus! His belly is full of books and his exterior is covered with illustrations by Shaun Tan. Come inside Russ the Story Bus and find a great book to read and relax with." - From the Sydney Writer's Festival website - encouraging a love of books and reading in children.

Russ busbusbus 2

Watch the video about Russ the Story Bus - 




Author visit  -  Jacqueline Harvey

On Thursday 27th July we were very lucky to have Jacqueline Harvey visit our school and share some wonderful stories about her books and the process of writing her stories.  Students were able to order books and have them personally signed by Jacqueline. 


Jacqueline HarveyJacqueline Harvey




Image of library books 

Audio Books and E-Books

Audio Books

Audio books are now available to borrow from our Bundanoon School Library.  The books have been loaded into our library catalogue 'Oliver' and are also available through the e-platform app (see link above) by using your student username and password.  
This is a free trial for our school from now until the end of the Christmas holidays.  If students enjoy borrowing this resource, the library will investigate an ongoing subscription.

The eBook platform has arrived at Bundanoon Public School! The platform has added 1000 trending titles to our library catalogue. Students can now borrow from our eBook library at any time, from any device.

To download the eBooks, follow three simple steps. 

1. Search for and download the e-Platform app from your app store. 

2. Find 'Bundanoon Public School' library and log in using your DET student ID. 

3. Browse and borrow an eBook to read on your device.

To make it easier for our students, the eBooks have also been uploaded into our Bundanoon 'Oliver' Library catalogue. Students can simply go to their student portal, click on the 'Oliver' Library icon at the top of the screen and borrow the eBooks directly from our Library.

The eBooks are distinguishable by the iPad icon beside them in the catalogue list. The books will automatically be returned after 2 weeks. You can borrow books again if it is still on the virtual shelf and hasn't been borrowed by someone else. Primary School books have been selected for our school.

eBooks are not here to replace hard copy texts as navigation of a complete text is invaluable in supporting comprehension, but they are another tool to support student engagement and access to reading.  Students can highlight a word they don't understand and get an instant definition.  Font can be made bigger to support vision needs, changed for night reading and adjusted to assist those with Dyslexia.  

It is exciting that Bundanoon Public School is at the forefront of providing this new reading tool to students.

Happy Reading!