Positive Behaviour for Learning

From little things big things grow 

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

We have three core expectations at Bundanoon - 


PBL is " an evidence-based whole school process to improve learning outcomes for all students", as defined by the NSW Department of Education.


PBL expectations involve teaching the behaviours that we want to see at Bundanoon – both in the classroom and playground. PBL provides a framework for the school, and its community to support the well-being of every student.  

Each week we focus on a specific area around the school and teach the behaviours expected in that area.  You may notice some of the PBL signs around the school with the expected behaviours for each area on them.

PBL addresses the academic and social needs of every student to support them to be successful, using a problem-solving approach that engages students, parents and school staff. 

Students can earn 'Oakies' for being Safe, Respectful Learners. When students earn an 'Oakie', they write their name on the back and put it into their class "PBL bucket". 

A count is kept of 'Oakies' earned and when a student has achieved 10 'Oakies', they are presented with an Oak Tree Award. 

The count continues as follows: 

20 Oakies = Bronze Oak Tree Award 

30 Oakies = Silver Oak Tree Award 

40 Oakies = Gold Oak Tree Award 

50 Oakies = Principal Oak Tree Award 


There is no time limit to achieve each award. It is not a race or a competition. At each assembly, we will get an update on how many 'Oakies' we have achieved as a school and work towards a whole school celebration.



l. What do students get Oakies for? 

Students are given Oakies for a wide range of reasons that demonstrate being a safe, respectful learner in our school. Oakies are given out for much more than just "following the rules", some recent examples of what Oakies were awarded for include Politeness in office, Great student journalism, Good sportsmanship, Following instructions, Success Criteria for writing, Taking initiative, Great ideas and public speaking, Being a thoughtful friend/classmate, Helping others when they are sad or hurt, Persistence with tasks, Respect for equipment in the playground, Inviting children to play when someone is left on their own, Using a variety of reading strategies, Respectful assembly manners, Making commitments, Collaboration and teamwork, Reflective, imaginative and thoughtful answers, Listening to Success Criteria and reaching goals.

2Why do we give out Oakies? 

Oakies are a tangible reinforcement of verbal feedback given by teachers and other staff members to students. Our teachers have had professional learning in the power of feedback in improving student outcomes and this is what we aim to improve and increase: the quality and quantity of the feedback we give to our students. The Oakies provide teachers and students with a ‘measure' of how much positive verbal feedback is given to each student, the class and in the school as a whole.

3. What happens to the Oakies? 

Students are responsible for putting their Oakies into a collection container for counting. A record is kept so teachers can see at a glance the rates of feedback given to each student in their class. When a student has collected 10 Oakies, they receive an 'Oak Tree' award, 20 Oakies = Bronze award, 30 = Silver award, 40 = Gold award and 50 = Principal's award. There is no time limit or expiry on Oakies. A running count of the total Oakies for the whole school is also kept. This reinforces that we are all working together to have a school where everyone is safe, respects each other and values learning. We started giving out Oakies in Term 2, 2017 and we have already given out more than 2160 Oakies: that's a lot of positive interactions between staff and students!

4. We liked the ‘old awards' because there was a reason for the award written on them. Can't we keep them? 

Class Merit Awards are still given out and are a valued part of our positive rewards system. Oakies are a fast and frequent award whereas Class Merit Awards are usually given out to only a few students per class at fortnightly assemblies. On average a student would get two of these written awards per year.

5. We like the Class Merit Awards; can they be given out more often? 

Yes, we agree that because we have assemblies fortnightly, this has reduced the number of Class Merit Awards given out. We are going to adjust our system to accommodate this. 

If you have any more questions, comments or queries about PBL, please let us know! You are welcome to do this informally at any time- call in for a chat, send an email or make a call.

PBL is a journey – from little things, big things grow.


To learn more about PBL, visit Department of Education PBL