The Kindness Project

The Kindness Project 
Kindness begins with me  

The Kindness Project

At Bundanoon Public School we are continuing the ripple of kindness that started in Term 3, with our school concert.  

Students, teachers and parents that notice someone performing a random act of kindness are encouraged to write it down and place it in one of the Kindness Project stations (pictured above) that are in every classroom, and outside the front office.  A selection of these kindness nominations are read out at each morning assembly.



The video that launched our Kindness Project in October - please watch and enjoy! :) 




Here is a selection of our ever growing Random Acts of Kindness Nominations ...


To: The lovely staff at Bundanoon PS

Thank you for: the beautiful children we have in scripture - their lovely manners, enthusiasm and delight in learning, respect for each other and quiet moments.  Thank you for your support!

From:  Loretta Bailey


To:  Harley

Thank you for:  Playing with me

From:  Elliot

To:  Sophie

Thank you for:  Letting me use your glue stick when I did not have one.

From:  Scarlett

To:  Jonty

Thank you for:  Helping me on the laptops.

From:  Olivia B


1    2



To: Isaac

Thank you:  For going up to Oliver P on the soccer field after a game & shaking his hand for a good game!

From:  Mrs L Reid


To:  Phoebe and Mim (Year 5 Kangaroos)

Thank you:  Being polite and helpful at the office, when asking if they could be 'runners'

From:  Mrs Mabberly


To:  Everyone in gymnastics

Thank you for:  Cheering me on when I was trying to do bar

From:  Jorja


To:  Jacob G

Thank you for:  Reading "Flood" with me.  It was REALLY fun.

From: Archie




To:  Jacob Gearside                   

Thank you for:  Helping me make an awesome cardboard arcade.

From:  Charlie


To:  Aiden T                    

Thank you for:  Showing me where the wickets go

From:  Charlie

To:  Mrs McPherson

Thank you for:  Helping me get onto the audiobooks and being a great Librarian

From:  Liam H

To:  Xaria and Sophia

Thank you for:  Helping Aelwyn get on the OOSH bus without being asked to help!

From:  Mrs Mabberly


2       1

                                                                                                                                                                                To:  Mrs Caceres

Thank you for:  Doing "back gate duty" for me when I'm busy

From:  Mrs Wilbraham


To:  Mrs Santos and Mrs Millard

Thank you for:  Helping our class when Mrs G was away

 From:  Emerald

To:  Harland

Thank you for:  Caring for the environment picking up rubbish in the school garden.

From:  Christine Filipczyk

To:  Joey

Thank you for:  Encouraging other classmates to do their best.

From:  Mrs Mayhew


1    1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       To:  Lani

Thank you for:  Helping out in Snack Shack

From:  Esty


To:  Alexander

Thank you for:  Playing with me when I am alone

From:  Oscar

To:  Ameliana

Thank you for:  a lovely, friendly smile!

 From:  Mrs Santos


   1               1                

To:  Esty

Thank you for:  Snack Shack

From:  Everyone!!


To:  Alex H

Thank you for:  Being a good friend

From:  Tommy G


To:  Xaria

Thank you for:  Your kind words to me yesterday :)

From:  Mrs Trenwith



1   1


To:  Mr Trenwith

Thank you for:  Fixing our Smart Board

From:  Elliot


To:  Harry

Thank you for:  Letting me join your club

From:  Isaac


To:  Finn

Thank you for:  Helping Anthony in Life Skills.  What a great buddy you are.

From:  Mrs Mayhew


1    1



To:  Harry

Thank you for:  Being by my side

From:  Reuben


To:  Jake

Thank you for:  Letting me be the robber in cops and robbers

From:  Tommy Donnelly


To:  Wil Fenwick

Thank you for:  Taking Harrison's turn to go in for Tip when he was crying.

From:  Mrs Caceres/Harrison

1  1  



To:  Lucinda

Thank you for:  Helping me in maths when I didn't know what to do.

From:  Phoebe


To:  The Office Ladies

Thank you for:  Letting me keep a hat.

From:  Jasper


To:  Isaac

Thank you for:  Being nice to me all day as well as playing with me.

From:  Tom B.


To:  Liam G

Thank you for:  Putting my dictionary away without me asking.

From:  William

To:  Mrs Reid

Thank you for:  Helping Henri in the office. 

From:  Henri

To:  Elliot

Thank you for:  Trying your best and making great choices

From:  Miss Pettitt



1  1  


To:  Lily

Thank you for:  Taking turns in our game and not always wanting to be in. 

From:  Emerald  


To:  Claudia

Thank you for:  Helping me in the office!

From:  Mrs Reid


To:  Kate T

Thank you for:  Making us laugh.

From:  Hannah H and Jade E



1  1  1



To:  Mrs McPherson

Thank you for:  Letting us have real cicadas in class.

From:  Liam W


To:  Kiarnah

Thank you for:  Helping out in Snack Shack.

From:  Esty


To:  AJ Mabberly

Thank you for:  1) Letting Phoebe ring the bell when it was your turn,  2) Always saying a friendly hello (with a smile) to the Principal!

From:  Mrs W




To:  Ethan

Thank you for:  Playing with me at break when I didn't have a friend.

From:  Eli



To:  Mrs G and Lily

Thank you for:  Helping me understand my maths and helping me get back on track after I got back.

From:  Rachel


To:  Jonty

Thank you for:  Tidying the newspapers for the Quokkas without being asked

From:  Miss Peck




To:  Felix

Thank you for:  Playing cricket with Anthony when he was upset.  It was very kind of you!  Thank you!

From:  Miss Frank



To:  Casey

Thank you for:  Getting my writing when it had printed from the office.

From:  Emma


To:  Mrs Pellegrino

Thank you for:  Asking the Office team whether we wanted coffee!

From:  The Office Staff




1  Kindness



To: Logan

Thank you for:  Being a polite and helpful Snack Shack assistant.

From:  Mrs Office Reid

To:  Mrs Millard

Thank you for:  Putting a smiley face on my work 

From:  Luke


To:  Miss Jess

Thank you for:  Starting up the Life Skills with us.  I really enjoyed it.

From:  Phoebe





To:  Bandemonium band teachers

Thank you for:  Dedicating your time to teach us flute.

From:  Sarah and Jade H


To:  Shelly

Thank you for:  Helping Holly on our obstacle course in the nature area.

From:  Claudia


To:  Jordan                   

Thank you for:  Cutting up my Oakies and for always saying "Good Morning" very politely.

From:  Mrs Caceres



To:  Wil and Dave                    

Thank you for:  Being a good friend

From:  Toby





To:  Liam G

Thank you for:  Playing with me when I was lonely on the Friendship Tree

From:  Sophia B


To:  Allara

Thank you for:  Being a wonderful helper with the preschoolers

From:  Mrs Mayhew


To:  Mrs Mabberly

Thank you for:  Being kind all the time

From:  Xaria


To:  Amber                    

Thank you for:  Helping me in maths this week

From:  Hayley




To:  Harley

Thank you for:  Helping me in maths

From:  Anthony



To:  Tamara

Thank you for:  Helping me stay on task when we were reading

From:  Millie


To:  Oliver G

Thank you for:  Letting me use your textas for colouring in

From:  Jake


To:  Isaac                    

Thank you for:  Helping me put the Learn 2 Type stickers on the keyboard.

From:  Mrs Butler



helloAnthony and Harley


To:  Archie

Thank you for:  Blowing bubbles up on the oval for the Kindies to chase.  They loved it!!

From:  Mrs Reid




To:  Lily Hines

Thank you for:  Helping Mrs Reid (Office) find a student's bag and lunchbox with a very willing spirit.

From:  Mrs Office Reid


To:  Mrs Wilbraham

Thank you for:  Being a nice principal for all of us.

From:  Millie


To:  Mrs Trenwith                    

Thank you for:  Helping me do my work.

From:  Tamara



Allara  k


To:  Kai          

Thank you for:  Helping me with the computer.

From:  Ava


To:  Eli

Thank you for:  Letting me have your rainbow glasses for 24 hours.

From:  Isaac


To:  Logan

Thank you for:  Helping Justis open his muesli bar.

From:  Ella S and Katie


To:  Aelwyn                    

Thank you for:  Helping Cooper and Alessia find their library bags

From:  Mrs McPherson




     Be Kind




To:  Xaria

Thank you for:  Opening and holding the door for me.

From:  Anne Gearside, Jacob's mum


To:  Jack G

Thank you for:  Being kind and helping me in the writing centre.

From:  Noah M


To:  Sarah                    

Thank you for:  Playing Lego with Anthony during lunch.

From:  Ruby


To:  Emerald                    

Thank you for:  Helping me with my maths

From:  Jorja


k  Kind


To: Mrs Reid and Mrs Mabberly                 

Thank you for:  Looking after everyone when they come to the office.

From:  Jacob


To:  Mrs Wilbraham                    

Thank you for: Being a fantastic Principal

From:  Lachie






Stay tuned for regular updates and details of our Kindness Project and other random acts of kindness.  

                                                          Read more about the ripple of kindness at  Ripple Kindness